Avoid YouTube Copyright Strikes

Fair Use on YouTube – BEST Tips for Avoiding Copyright on YouTube!!! Have you ever wanted to use someone else’s video or music in your own YouTube video? If so, stay tuned! đź”´Also, get my FREE “Strategies for Avoiding Copyright on YouTube” Here: https://goo.gl/aTPHJA đź”´ Welcome to today’s „Heart of the Matter“ video where I discuss fair use on YouTube — this is called Fair Dealing YouTube in Canada, England, and Australia. Avoiding copyright on YouTube can be hard for creators. The bottom line is that you want to avoid at all costs a YouTube copyright strike. đź’ŽCLICK TO TWEET HERE: https://ctt.ac/UI9chđź’Ž In this video, we define „fair use“ and delve into some of the more issues relating to fair use copyright. YouTube Fair Use cannot be discussed fully without acknowledging that Fair Use on YouTube videos put out by other people do not really give the answer to the question most creators have „How Does Fair Use Work on YouTube.“ This tutorial is a sort of „Fair Use Explained“ video. I provide Fair Use examples. I give you some links to some Fair Use videos YouTube. I also briefly discuss Fair Use music for YouTube. By the end of the video, you will understand that avoiding copyright on YouTube is extremely important — and my FREE checklist (https://goo.gl/aTPHJA) will show you exactly how to do it! đź”´SUBSCRIBE for more FUN videos on the LAW!!: https://goo.gl/kLX3QV đź”´ 🔵JOIN the “Heart of the Matter” FACEBOOK Group HERE: https://goo.gl/tUuBmq 🔵 If you have any questions about Fair Use on YouTube, I’d love to hear them! Please put them in the comments section below!

Fair Use on YouTube – BEST Tips for Avoiding Copyright on YouTube

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