Exciting Blockchain Start-ups in Berlin: An Overview

ARCHIVE: Germany - Land of Innovation

Here is a brief overview of some of the more exciting Berlin-based start-ups using blockchain technology.

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Satoshipay: the company has developed a plugin for nano-transactions with media content. It uses bitcoin currency and is intended to allow customers to simply monetize articles, pictures or songs and offer them for cents.

Vaultoro: is a trading platform for gold and bitcoins. The gold is stored in Switzerland and is available at all times. The transactions are open to the public via the blockchain.

Bitwala: offers money transfers via blockchain. Customers have the opportunity to transfer money to other countries within hours. The initial currency is first exchanged into bitcoins, then converted to the target currency and transferred to the account. Invoices can also to be paid via the platform with bitcoins.

Monax: runs a platform to help…

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